Quality Data Integration by Indo Sateki.

About Quality Data Integration
Quality data integration is an integrated data system for easy and fast handling of problems. This system can be created on several different areas with different views but centered on one database server. This system is a display of production data in each work area. Data can be inputted from a mini TAB that is directly connected to the database and monitors in the work area.

Activities that can be done on the system of quality data integration are as follows :

  1. Input problem data or photos to the database from a mini TAB or computer.
  2. Processing and retrieving data to the database.
  3. Data stored in one database server.
  4. All data stored in the database is directly processed and displayed to the monitor in the production area.
  5. Auto generate report production data in csv or pdf format

In quality data integration system, there are five main applications, namely :

  1. Application to display realtime production data in production area
  2. Application to input data problem from computer
  3. Application to input data problem from mini TAB
  4. Application to manually generate report production data
  5. Reminder to backup data

Various Types Application of Quality Data Integration Systems

Application to Display Realtime Production Data in Production Area

Application to Input Data Problem from Computer

Application to Input Data Problem from Mini TAB

Application to Manually Generate Report Production Data

Reminder to Backup Data


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