Industrial Andon System by Indo Sateki.

About Andon System
Andon System is a system for monitoring the actual condition of the production line. In this system there is a database server to store all production data that will be displayed on the andon application. On this system there is computer with an application to input error production data and machine parameters to the database and also print reports in csv or pdf format. The system is also accessible via the local web.


Activities that can be done on the andon system are as follows :

  1. Counting and display actual production per shift.
  2. Calculating balance data production.
  3. Counting actual production running and stop.
  4. Access all production data from local website.
  5. Automatic calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and display in local web.
  6. Input problem data to database from application in computer input data.
  7. Processing and retrieving data to the database.
  8. All data stored in the database is directly processed and displayed to the monitor in the production area.
  9. Generate report production data in csv or pdf format.

In andon system, there are three main applications, namely :

  1. Application to display realtime production data in production area
  2. Application to input data problem and generate report from computer
  3. Local web application to display all production data

Various Types Application of Andon Systems

Andon Application in Normal Condition

Andon Application in Error Condition

Input Machine Parameter Application in Computer

Generate Report Application in Computer

Result of Generating Report

Local Web Application


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